PEC Laser's Expertise Sought by Costa Rican Sugar Mills

sugar industryPEC Laser works on a global level to provide our clients quality laser cutting that saves on time and outlay. This is exactly why our Production Manager, Juan Aramburu, was asked by a Costa Rican sugar industry leader to visit the 19th Central American Sugar Experts Congress in San Juan Costa Rica, a popular event that was held from September 9th to October 13th of this year. For this particular Congress, six hundred participants from over 100 countries from around the world attended to learn about the agricultural and industrial developments in Costa Rica.

The state of the sugarcane industry in particular is starting to improve in the Costa Rican area thanks to production and environmental programs that ensure sustainable futures for sugarcane farmers and their families.

That being said, Central American sugar producers must make a component that's used in the manufacturing of sugar, and this component requires that 8,000 holes be drilled into the steel plate. Currently, this work is done by hand which takes weeks to complete, resulting in loss of time and funds.

PEC Laser is proud to have been sought out to introduce our advanced laser technology to the Costa Rican sugarcane industry. As experts in leading technology for laser metal cutting and fabrication, PEC Laser explained how performing the work that was previously done manually can exponentially cut down on time and man power. We spoke at the Congress about our laser technology and the way it can accurately drill holes into the plates in a fraction of the time.

We are hopeful that this was just the beginning of building lasting relationships with Costa Rican leaders in the sugarcane industry and that we will be able to offer our services to further revolutionize the trade.

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