Job Description

• Supervise a fabrication unit consisting of semi-skilled and unskilled production employees.
• Provide work direction and on the job training through continuous one-on-one communication with subordinates.
• Apply well-defined policies and methods.
• Determine and order material and consumable supplies.
• Set work schedules and goals, evaluate employee performance, set up and maintain equipment, and monitor quality and product flow through the unit.
• Possess the skills necessary to perform all production tasks and fill in for absent employees or during production peaks.


• Ability to read blue prints
• Good problem solving, time management and personnel management skills
• Good communication, goal-setting, and organizational skills


• High school education
• General computer knowledge
• Minimum 3 years experience in sheet metal fabrication and welding shop

More details available.

Qualified candidates, please call the PEC Laser office toll-free at (855) 973-4217.

About PEC Laser

Established in 2009, PEC Laser provides of a variety of fabrication services, such as laser cutting, bending and forming, welding, sub assembly, and finishing services in our Houston facility. PEC Laser also provides value-added completion services, such as machining, drilling, tapping, deburring, plating, painting, powder coating and marking.

PEC Laser is capable of performing precision laser cutting services on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, inconel, nickel, chrome steel, hastelloy, titanium, armor plate, and any heat-treated steel or abrasive resistant material.

We have achieved ISO 9001 : 2008 certifications due to our dedication to quality.

Our new CMM helps to ensure that we maintain high quality standards for every fabricated part shipped to our customers worldwide.

Servicing major industries who utilize metal, including:

• Oil & Gas Industry
• Construction
• Power Generation
• Chemical
• Food & Beverage