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Specialty Subsea Clamp Component

PEC Laser Creates Specialty Subsea Clamp Component for Oil & Gas Company

A Houston based oil and gas company hired PEC Laser to create a specialty component that has the ability to secure cables, lines and pipes in an underwater environment. The clamps are routinely used to secure BOP umbilicals, POD retrievable lines and MUX cables on offshore drilling rigs.

specialty subsea clamp for oil and gas industry


The client needed a custom clamp fabricated to withstand subsea conditions. This clamp is made from stainless steel / AISI 316 and is encased in a polyurethane shell to protect it from erosion. There is welding involved to fabricate this clamp, and complete certification of the welders was needed.


PEC Laser's welders were certified in the materials of steel and aluminum, however took this opportunity to immediately became stainless steel certified. After passing intensive testing to receive certification that included fracture/bend/fillet analysis, PEC Laser's welders were qualified. After the documents were in place, the production process began that included laser cutting, bending, threading and welding. The clamps passed inspection and were shipped to the client who encased them in the polyurethane plastic.